Tag: Demon


  • Faustian

    A faction focusing on harnessing the faith of humanity, "stoking the flames", breeding faith, and using it to overthrow God. h2. Members:

  • Reconciler

    Demons that thought about the Rebellion while in the Abyss, and came to a conclusion, they may have been wrong. Now, they must attempt to fix the world they helped ruin, and win back God's favor, if it is possible. h2. Members:

  • Ravener

    Angry and embittered demons, they realize they cannot win the war against God, so they plan to destroy the prize, humanity. h2. Members:

  • Luciferan

    Devoted followers of Lucifer, these demons are searching for their missing leader, so he can lead the armies of Hell against God once again. h2. Members:

  • Cryptic

    A faction questioning God's role in the Fall and the Rebellion, asking what he has in store for them, and many other questions about God. h2. Members:

  • Malumus

    A Devil, a member of God's first house. He currently inhabits the body of [[:cyril-santoro | Cyril Santoro]]. h2. Alistair Info: h2. Cyril Info: None, due to the fact Cyril's body was taken over by Malumus, he knows nothing about the Devil, and …