Dalton Kingsley


Brown-ish, graying hair, in his 50s. Wears a gray suit with a dark blue tie. 6 ft tall.


Alistair Info:

Cyril Info:

Dalton Kingsley is the Head of Management at the East Coast branch of Skyward International (like the CEO, but not of the entire company). He is the guy you report to. He is a cold, calculated, ruthless, business man. What he lacks in people skills, he more than makes up for in knowledge and talent. And besides, he doesn’t need to be good at talking with people, that’s what you are for.

You don’t know much about his personal life, though you have seen his wife and kid at events before (Alistair Kingsley and Catherine Kingsley).

Malumus Info:

Dalton Kingsley

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