Culver Atwater


in his 30’s, long brown-hair, 5’9”, uses a cane to walk around, wears a long black jacket, matching pants, a top hat (for some reason), and round-rimmed glasses.


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An eccentric man, apparently stuck out of time, Culver is an expert in occult studies, though, this means almost less than nothing in this day and age, where most people are most focused on technological advancement and reason than superstition.

Despite being ridiculed by his peers, Culver is adamant about the existence of occult phenomenon. If he didn’t find archaeological artifacts in his search for the occult, he would probably be unemployed by now. Culver teaches at a University in Boston, though very few people take his course, with the occasional poor saps who thought it would be an easy A.

When contacted by someone with an earnest interest in the Occult, Culver was more than willing to help.

Culver Atwater

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