The Damned and The Fallen

First Session (Malumus)

November, 2015:

December 20, 2015:
Sealed a deal with Cloudrider.

December 21, 2015:
Went to a retirement party, learned mayor had a prostitute.

December 22, 2015:
Tricked prostitute into admitting relationship, and alerting sleazy reporter about story.

December 23, 2015:
Saved Melvin Barlow from cancer, left in in psychiatric facility for PTSD.

December 24, 2015:
Gave money to charity for child Christmas presents.
Woke up to strong emotions, went to The Boston Opera House Shooting scene (after shooting was done).
Meet an angel/demon of death, finishing off dying victims. Argued with them.

December 25, 2015:
Spoke publicly on shooting, blamed mayor


CCrew42 CCrew42

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