The Damned and The Fallen

First Session (Malumus)

November, 2015:

December 20, 2015:
Sealed a deal with Cloudrider.

December 21, 2015:
Went to a retirement party, learned mayor had a prostitute.

December 22, 2015:
Tricked prostitute into admitting relationship, and alerting sleazy reporter about story.

December 23, 2015:
Saved Melvin Barlow from cancer, left in in psychiatric facility for PTSD.

December 24, 2015:
Gave money to charity for child Christmas presents.
Woke up to strong emotions, went to The Boston Opera House Shooting scene (after shooting was done).
Meet an angel/demon of death, finishing off dying victims. Argued with them.

December 25, 2015:
Spoke publicly on shooting, blamed mayor

The Story So Far (Alistair)...
Pre-Obsidian Portal



  • Alistair Embrace by Elizabeth Cross.
  • Alistair under Elizabeth guidance for a year, learning the essentials about vampirism and the Camarilla. Elizabeth told him little about herself, and he never meet the Prince (though he saw The Prince’s Hand).

First Session:

December 16, 2015, The First Night:

  • Alistair scared another vampire out of “his” turf, The Crypt nightclub.
  • Was contacted by the Camarilla to perform his neonate duties, and killed a feral vampire in an alley.

December 17, 2015:

  • Went with his father with his father to a business event, where he meet a Brujah Anarch, Andrea.
  • In an effort to aid Andrea and make some friends in the World of Darkness, he helped distract the Camarilla Scourge who were trying to execute Caitiff vampires. The distraction was done by tricking a Sabbat pack.

December 18, 2015:

  • Was ordered by the Camarilla to retrieve information on the Sabbat from the Nosferatu.
  • While the Sabbat were (sort of) willing to help, they wanted something in return: Their home in the sewers was getting more and more uninhabitable, due to the fact the sewage wasn’t being properly treated in the city. The plant wasn’t working properly due to Anarchs feeding on employees and distracting them.
  • To help fix the Nosferatu’s problem, with permission from the Prince, and with some convincing of the Anarchs, got the sewer plant turned into a neutral ground, an Elysium.
  • After successfully getting the Elysium and the Sabbat information , Alistair copied the information for himself and the Anarchs, which was later reported to the Prince by a Nosferatu sent to accompany Alistair.

Session 2:

December 19, 2015:

  • Was sent to the Monarch Hotel to stop a believed rogue kindred feeding on CapAbel employess, employees of the Prince, Berit Abel. The entire thing ended up being a misunderstanding, as the Tremere did not realize the people there that night were Ms. Abel’s employees.

December 20, 2015:

  • Went out with his friends to a party. The party started going fairly late (or early in his case), making Alistair fear for his life. When trying to head home, some heated words were exchanged between Alistair and a friend of his, and the two started throwing punches (with Alistair being the objective winner, taking little to no hits while giving his friend a bloody nose).

December 21, 2015:

  • Was sent to the Boston Opera House, to try and convince the domain holder to alllow it to be made into an Elysium. To his surprise, the holder of domain was Elizabeth Cross, his sire. Having originally been distant and impersonal with Alistair, more or less abandoning him after a year. After hearing about his exploits over the past few days, and seeing him again, Elizabeth wished to bring him back under her wing, and held this against allowing the Opera House to became an Elysium. Alistair reluctantly agreed, adding the condition that she had to answer any question he had about his condition.

December 22, 2015:

  • After all of his hard work, Ms. Abel decided it was time for Alistair to have a formal introduction with the Prince, instead of the proxy he had been dealing with.
  • Alistair went to Abel Tower, CapAbel HQ, and home of Berit Abel. When Alistair first arrived in her office, The Prince’s Hand was Masquerading as the Prince, until Berit came out, surprising Alistair (he knew little of Camarilla culture, and didn’t realize “Prince” was a gender-ambiguous term, unlike in the mortal world.
  • While she was happy with Alistair’s work, she did chastise him for copying the Sabbat information.
  • On his way out of the building, The Messenger paid Alistair for some of his services.

Session 3:

December 23, 2015:

  • Alistair received a call from Andrea, his Anarch ally. She wanted to help free some ghouls from their Domitor, Anthony. Alistair’s job was to distract him while the ghouls were escorted away.
  • In order to distract Anthony, Alistair used his weapons contact to arm Anthony with hollow point round and extra fire-power.
  • Before leaving the house, Alistair angered James, and then stole money from Anthony, blaming it on James.
  • After leaving Anthony’s house, Alistair meet with Andrea, her Anarch friends, and the numerous escaped ghouls at a park downtown. After congratulating Alistair, they all left.
  • On his way back to the car from the dark park, someone attempted to mug Alistair, though he scared him off with his Presence.

December 24, 2015, The Boston Opera House Shooting:

  • Alistair almost breached the Masquerade, with a woman questioning him after his feeding, though he managed to explain it away.
  • Alistair was called into the Opera House to meet with Elizabeth. The meeting was interrupted by a Sabbat kill squad. Most of the Sabbat didn’t notice Alistair and Elizabeth, as they were up on a balcony, but one made it upstairs, killing a ghoul belonging to Elizabeth. The two fended off the Sabbat, fleeing before the rest could see them.
  • Being at “ground zero” of the shooting as it happened, the two fled to Abel Tower, alerting the Prince of the attack.

December 25, 2015, Christmas Day:

  • After last night’s events, Alistair was sent out to ask the Nosferatu for any potential information on future Sabbat attacks, though the Nosferatu had nothing available.
  • Being unable to get any information for the Prince, Alistair asked the Nosferatu for informational personally, offering information on his father’s competitor (CapAbel).
  • Received a call Andrea, seeing if, given recent events, Alistair thinks the Anarchs should fight or aid the Camarilla. Alistair advised aiding the Camarilla, and told her he was working for them, to her dismay. She was angered by this fact, but he told her to get over it.
  • Alistair meets his parents for Christmas, got his mother (but not his father) a gift.

December 26, 2015:

  • Having been distracted by the lack of information, and personal reasons, Alistair had forgotten to inform the Prince that the Nosferatu had no information, which angered her (both the lack of information, and the fact it took him a day to tell her there was no information).
  • Due to a variety of reasons, Alistair was given Adam to mentor and teach about the World of Darkness, from a more hands on perspective.
  • The Messenger also paid Alistair for his services to the Camarilla.
  • Due to his inexperience, Adam almost killed a woman in frenzy while feeding, as well as almost violating the Masquerade.

December 27, 2015- January 2, 2016:

  • The next week or so was spent teaching Adam.
  • The Sabbat carried out more (smaller) shootings.

January 3, 2016:

  • As the previous week passed, Alistair realized “his” club was losing customers.
  • Alistair took it upon himself to figure out why, finding a vandal behind the club, tampering with the heating.
  • Alistair threatened the vandal, a vampire friend of the vampire he met back in December, who he had scared out of the club. Alistair threatened the vandal with torture and death at the hands of the Sabbat (a growing threat in Boston). To both of their surprise, and Sabbat was waiting in the, and backed Alistair’s claims.
  • The Sabbat was in the alley because Alistair had started to make a name for himself in the Kindred world as a Camarilla neonate.Seeing him as currently just a Camarilla tool, the Nosferatu offered freedom (in his eyes).
  • Alistair never said no, leading the Nosferatu on. After he left, Alistair called the Prince, saying he had a plan to be a double agent. Unable to officially condone such a thing, the Prince offered Alistair a shotgun to kill a vampire (the one who was having people vandalize “his” club) to prove he wasn’t a Camarilla pawn.
  • Alistair successfully assassinated the kindred, walking into “his” bar, and shooting him point-blank with a shotgun. The Messenger dealt with the human aftermath.
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